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Something to consider before deciding to pursue the path of horse communication I teach.

Firstly, the human must 100% believe that if issues surface between the horse and human, the human must take ownership of these flaws; even if said human feels like or actually did not stimulate these actions. The way I teach is about leadership, meaning that the leader must take credit for the bad and allow the horse the glory for the good. I know, hard to wrap your head around it but this is what I believe and I have yet to meet a horse that couldn’t understand this. Now side note, I’m not saying all horses are worth the risk for you to find this out, not at all. Nor am I so delusional to think there aren’t horses who are not sound of body or mind, ie healthy with a normal healthy brain. Rest assured in my experience, there are far more humans this way than horses.


Secondly, the ego is something the majority of humans will develop as they interact with society. The horse naturally, as in before interference with the human, lacks this trait. I’m not saying ego is good or bad, as it can be both. What I’m saying is do not pursue what I’m teaching if you’re in a position where your ego continually stimulates an emotional response, as this in turn cascades into a loss of rational thinking and decision making. Why? Well when you allow your ego to do this, it’s managing you instead of you managing it, and in many cases will cause you to attack the horse. You may not feel this way but the horse certainly will. Take a moment to yourself, and think back on your life to an instant when you allowed the ego to take over.  What may have happened is that you became emotional and lost the ability to act rationally, ie greater than average heart rate, increased respiration, dry mouth, shallow breathing. These are a few signs, did you represent yourself in a way in which you are truly proud of. If you did, then this will most certainly work for you, and if you didn’t well you must want to change for this to work for you.

Now I’m not saying you will never be able to do this if you find yourself in that category I just mentioned - you can. As long as you are willing to be honest with your self and knowingly endeavour down the long bumpy road of change.


Lastly to close the circle of thought for now. I’m in no way saying you have to ride this way or even should; that choice is up to you. But it becomes more apparent to me everyday that I should offer this knowledge up to people before they decide to pursue my teachings. Things are not always what they seem and not all humans are what they let on to be, so let this be a warning to entry. What I do with horses will not work for you, if you bare your teeth out of a lack of emotional management nor will it work if you use an amount of physical force that causes the horse to consistently go into sympathetic nervous system actions. Lastly, you have to believe you have to want to because you may be able to fool me but good luck fooling the horse.

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